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  S E P T E M B E R   2021   



Join the IJY Connects Classroom and Sara Russell of Arbonne for a FB LIVE class -
Reading the Labels on Personal Care Products.
Have you ever stopped in the beauty or personal care section of the store paralyzed by all the choices? Learn what you’re looking for when it comes to taking care of your skin.
What ingredients do you want and which should you avoid? The key to overall well
being lies in the connection between a healthier mind, stronger body, and more beautiful skin. Mounting research points to a strong connection between our brain, belly, and skin. Most of us want to use products that support this connection.
Bring your bottles to this quick class that will show you how to decipher your labels and treat your largest organ with great care.

About Sara
Sara is a passionate wellness mentor and advocate for the earth. She brings women together in community online and in real life to pursue whole health; mind body and
She is a consultant with Arbonne who has built her business over the past twelve
years marketing premium plant-based nutrition, skincare and cosmetic products. Sara lives in Lake Mary with her husband, son and dog. She would rather be outside than inside and enjoys writing, singing and of course, yoga.

 Using Food to Heal the gut & Reduce Inflammation 

Sunday, Sept 19th

3:00 pm

Virtual - FB LIVE Class


Join IJY Connects and Eva McLaurin- Chef & Wellness Lifestyle Expert FB LIVE Class - Using Food to Heal the gut & Reduce Inflammation.
In this Live Class we will discuss Food to Heal the Gut & Reduce Inflammation. We will discuss the digestion system and the relationship between your “second brain” aka your gut. The goal of this class is for you to have a better understanding of the links between digestion, mood, health, what you think and how you process information. You often hear, “organic is best” or “cook all your meals at home” and although this advice is helpful, investing in organic foods is fantastic but not when your body is not absorbing all the nutrients and your gut is out of balance. Throughout the class I will share foods that may be hurting your gut, foods that strengthen your gut and what to eat to keep your second brain happy.
BONUS for Attendees
Everyone that attends the Live Class will receive a FREE Copy of Ditch That Diet e-book 

Full Moon Beach Yoga 

Monday, Sept 20th

7:00 pm

Cherie Down Park - Cape Canaveral

Donation Based

Join IJY Connects and Skye Jackson of Endless Yoga for a Full Moon Beach Yoga class.
This month's full moon is known as the Harvest Moon. A Harvest Moon is the name given to a full moon that occurs closest to the autumnal equinox, the moment when the Sun is exactly above the equator and Earth's day and night are of equal length.
Class will begin at 7:00 pm on the beach in front of Cherie Down Park. (Cape Canaveral)
If you are new to beach yoga it is suggested to use a large towel or blanket and not a yoga mat.
There is no admission fee for this class but we ask that you make a donation to the Red Cross of Louisiana.
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Intro to Mantra Meditation 

Wednesday, Sept 22th

6:30 pm

Virtual Class FB LIVE 

Join IJY Connects and Gauri Jennifer DesRochers for the Introduction to Mantra Meditation FB LIVE Class
Mantra meditation is a science based meditation system that is part of the Vedic (yogic) tradition. Originally, all asana was done while chanting mantras. Mantras are sets of Sanskrit words, which is a vibrational language made up of the five elements. Mantras are designed to create positive mind states while simultaneously creating positive life circumstances. In this class, you will learn the value of mantras, specific mantras for common problems and you will walk away with the knowledge of how to do a 40 day practice.
This class is good for beginners as well as people with mantra backgrounds. The class starts with an introduction of the teacher, then an introduction of mantras as well as an understanding of the importance of Sanskrit, followed by chanting of mantras for all areas of life such as health, career, finances, protection, and peace of mind.
At the end of class there will be a chance for questions. All participants who want audio recordings of the mantras will be sent that via email.
About the teacher: Gauri has been chanting mantras since childhood and mentoring people for over ten years. She had a mentor for mantras as a teenager and lived with her Guru in India for over a decade. She has worked with all types of clients, including corporate clients, yoga studio owners, doctors, lawyers etc. She has taught workshops and at yoga trainings internationally and has been featured on radio and television for both mantra and Vedic astrology



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