It’s Just Yoga Festivals are non-ticketed, donation based festivals.

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What is Yoga Therapy? [10:00 AM]
with Deborah Cole

About the Class 

This lecture will allow you to experience and understand the necessary tools to enhance not only your own life but also to begin to share this process with your clients and students.  This workshop is recommended for all interested in expanding their personal growth and knowledge using yoga as the foundation.   New yoga teachers, body and energy workers will learn how to intensify their own energy to grow skills and abilities whether it is working one on one,  leading workshops, or teaching yoga in a classroom setting. In this workshop, I will teach hands-on tips to enhance your teaching ability and to move your students to a more mindful awareness of their physical and energetic bodies

About the Instructor

Deborah Cole 500 RYT, IAYT. Quantum CBF specialist With over 20 years of experience in energy healing, Deborah is a seasoned practitioner with a background in yoga therapy, meditation, Quantum Biofeedback and spiritual training.  She holds a 500-hour certification from Kripalu Healing Arts Stockbridge, MA ( and after completing the 2-year program she worked for Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy ( as a Mentor for seven years. As a certified Quantum Biofeedback practitioner, Deborah seamlessly integrates her knowledge of body, mind, and spirit into each session. She has collaborated with medical professionals in Ohio, Utah, Florida, and Arizona  Living and enjoying life in Cocoa Beach, Deborah continues to bring healing and balance to her clients.

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