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Human Design 101- Learn about your design [12:30 PM]
with Nina Hunt

About the Class 

In this 1 hour workshop, Nina will go over the basics of Human Design, teaching you how to read your chart and integrate the information into your everyday life. You will look up your design during the class and learn what type you are, how to navigate life using your strategy and authority, and how to use your centers for interacting and improving communication with others and yourself. By the end, you’ll have the tools and awareness to integrate and explore your design on your own.

NOTE: Please bring your exact birth date time and phone to look up your design

About the Instructor

Nina Elise is a Human Design Specialist and Quantum Coach. She first discovered Human Design in 2019 and has been deeply studying and experimenting with the system ever since. It has brought profound shifts in her life, bringing a deeper sense of self-acceptance and peace, as well as expanded self-awareness. As a Manifestor, she is here to have an impact through sharing her experiences and works with clients all over the world to help them step more in their authenticity and embrace their true selves

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