It’s Just Yoga Festivals are non-ticketed, donation based festivals.

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Class Schedule

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It's Just Yoga Festival Space Coast 1/13/24

Festival is Non-Ticketed.

 Donations accepted on site


The Children's Hunger Project

To participate in classes  

1. Sign Liability Wavier (Link Below)

2. At Festival go to Information Tent to get your wristband and make donation. 

3. Enjoy the day of classes and shopping

New Year Intention Setting Meditation

10:15  am - 11: 00 am 

Side Stage

presented by

Release the old to let the new take hold! Join Dr. Brooke Stuart, a holistic doctor in private practice and the founder of Let Go & Grow®, for a sequence of embodiment exercises and meditation techniques designed to shift your system into a somatic experience primed for growth. Whether you're new to these practices or a seasoned practitioner, this session invites you to explore the intersection of mind and body, guiding you towards a greater sense of presence and well-being.

Go with the Flow

10:00 am - 11: 00 am 

Main Stage

presented by Kula Yoga Merritt Island

This flow style class will link poses and breath in creative sequences to a moving soundtrack of music that compliments the flow. Your body was meant to move. The key is to learn to move mindfully toward your “edge”, the place where your body feels challenged, but not overwhelmed. Expect a mind, body and spirit blend, in addition to an energetic practice. Kula yoga is located in Merritt Island. The Sanskrit word “kula” means family or community. Kula Yoga offers a welcoming place for the community to learn and explore the world of yoga.

Mellow Flow

11:15 am - 12: 15 am 

Main Stage

presented by Yoga Shala & Wellness Cetner

yoga shala.webp

Mellow Flow Yoga is a slow-pace flow class incorporating gentle stretching and strengthening yoga movements. It is a great yoga for beginners and also seasoned practitioners looking to slow down and move with awareness. Calling attention to breath will help to calm the mind, and enables the student to move deeper into the stretches. A gentle-flow yoga style helps to rid the body of stress-related angst, release tension, calm the nervous system, gain clearer thinking, and even restore an overall sense of balance to the body, the mind and the soul. Yoga Shala & Wellness Center located in Titusville will lead us on the mellow path.

Children's Yoga

11:30 am - 12:30 pm 

Side Stage

presented by Bendy & Balanced Yoga

This class is for the smaller members or our families.

IFamily yoga creates great opportunities for bonding time, learning together and teamwork. This class is full of movement, fun and mindfulness. We bark in downward dog, hiss in cobra pose and land peacefully on our mats in butterfly pose. At any age, yoga builds physical strength and flexibility. Internally, yoga also shows us how to focus and live with confidence, peace, gratitude, compassion and kindness. We play yoga games and practice partner poses to build confidence and self-esteem. Above all, we have fun,

Primal Flow Yoga

12:30 pm - 1: 30 pm 

Main Stage

presented by Mark Longenecker Yoga


This class is a unique and invigorating practice that taps into your instinctive movements and ancient wisdom. Inspiration is drawn from the primal and elemental aspects of our being, guiding you on a journey to reconnect with your wild essence and innate strength.

Primal Flow Yoga is an innovative fusion of traditional yoga, primal movement, and animal-inspired sequences. In this class, we explore organic, natural movements that echo the way our ancestors moved and interacted with their environment. You'll find yourself crawling, lunging, and flowing in ways that feel instinctive and liberating. Mark Longnecker will guide you in this unique flow. Mark’s primal flow class can be found locally at Equilibrium Yoga in Cocoa Beach.

Space Yoga

1:00 pm - 2: 00 pm 

Side Stage

presented by Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy

Space Coast Yoga - a yoga class which allows you to explore the wonders of the cosmos inside and out of your physical body.  You will be guided by using your breath and movement to connect with the elements of nature including Space, Stars, Earth and Moon.  Reflect on what you are drawing in and pushing away from your orbit; dreams, goals, love, health, joy and prosperity.  Your practice will include aspects of the celestial bodies such as crescent moon, sun and stars.  Find your balance in this universe by creating stability and resistance in your poses.  Finish with a peaceful guided meditation leaving you feeling, spacious and grounded.  Space Yoga is a unique and fun way to experience the beauty and mystery of the universe while improving your strength, flexibility and balance.   Join this class and discover the Infinite possibilities of Space

phoenix rising.png

Pop Up - Acro Yoga Jam

1:30 pm - 3: 00 pm 

Come to Information Tent to be Directed to the Jam

led by Julie & Jason Perry

Acro Yoga is a partner yoga practice that takes traditional yoga asanas into the air!

Join Julie and Jason for an Acro Jam on the lawn at 1:30 pm where Acro Yogis of all skill levels will gather to play and share together!

Practice skills, meet new partners, and enjoy Acro Yoga in a relaxed environment!

Julie and Jason teach Acro Yoga Foundations classes at The Edge Rock Gym in Melbourne.

Buti Yoga

1:45 pm - 2: 45 pm 

Main Stage

presented by Equilibrium Movement


Buti Yoga is a dynamic and transformational practice that combines traditional yoga elements with primal movements and plyometrics. It's a high-energy, cardio-intensive work out that not only challenges your body but also uplifts your spirit.

In a Buti Yoga class, you can expect to move, groove, and unleash your inner warrior. The practice is rooted in the belief that every person has a well of untapped power within them, waiting to be unleashed. Through a series of flowing sequences, shaking, twisting, and pulsating movements, Buti Yoga aims to release this inner strength and connect you with your authentic self.  Bring a towel, because you are sure to work up a sweat!  Equilibrium Yoga is located in Cocoa Beach. Equilibrium Movement was born out of a deep passion for holistic health and a desire to create a space where individuals could find balance, strength, and connection.

 Yoga Therapy

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm 

Main Stage

presented by H.O.T. Yoga on the Island

In this unique class, we'll embrace the simplicity and authenticity of yoga, focusing on foundational principles that promote balance, strength, and flexibility for functional movement. As we gather on the grass, Suzanne Elliott will guide you through an effective warm-up, preparing both body and mind for a sequence of 13 standing poses. No need for mats or towels – just your presence and an openness to the therapeutic benefits of each posture. Join us in this celebration of It's Just Yoga in its purest form from the lineages in Kolkata, the city of joy! This class serves as a preview to the offerings at H.O.T. Yoga on the Island, located by Home Depot, where we invite you to embark for infrared heated and non-heated therapeutic classes.

After Party
Listen, Move & Groove 
Silent Yoga and Dance Party

4:30 pm - 7:30 pm 

Meet at Main State

music by DJ C - Lioness

lioness (1).jpg

yoga by Alex Cuellar of Pla.Yoga

Pic of Alex.jpg

So come along for the journey as we quiet the chatter and feel the beat! Immerse yourself in sound and movement in a flowing yoga class that incorporates a a breath- beat synchronization to the music. Receive a pair of LED wireless headphones that will help you ignite your senses by only hearing the music and instructor’s voice. Heighten the experience with glow paint and glow sticks all under UV black lighting. Class will end deep stretches in the most incredible Savasana you have experienced. After class DJ C-Lioness will spin a celebratory dance party to close the night!

Space is limited on the number of headsets available.

Grab your spot now!

$30 per person, $40 on site if available

Ticket Includes

  • LED Wireless Headset

  • Glow Paint and Accessories

  • Flow Yoga Class with Alex Cuellar of Pla.Yoga

  • Dance Party with DJ C-Lioness

  • Snacks and Drinks

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